Probate & Estate Planning

Tampa Bay Estate Planning And Elder Law Lawyer

At the Lins Law Group, P.A., we have drafted numerous comprehensive estate plans for individuals and families. Most people may not think about writing wills, creating trusts including living trusts, and drafting health care documents when they get married, when children are born, or as they approach retirements.

Knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate plans are as unique as the individual. We work closely with our clients to ensure they control the distribution of their assets and that financial and healthcare decisions are made by someone they trust. Our estate planning attorney has significant experience working through complex issues such as business succession planning, creating trusts to manage assets for minor children or individuals with special needs, and setting up a living will, health care power-of-attorney, and durable power-of-attorney.

While most lawyers can draft a simple will, creating a comprehensive estate plan is complex and requires a skilled, knowledgeable attorney.

Our estate planning lawyer and staff have more than twenty-five years of experience helping individuals with estates of all sizes, families with substantial real estate holdings, family owned businesses, and significant retirement portfolios. Our goal is to develop estate plans that manage tax liabilities and protect our client's interests and the interests of their heirs. Our typical estate planning documents include the following: last will and testament, living trust, living will, healthcare power of attorney, HIPAA authorization, and durable power of attorney. Having these documents can provide a comprehensive estate protection.

Elder Law Planning

At the Lins Law Group, P.A., we have the knowledge necessary to handle Medicare planning for people entering nursing homes. We understand the need to protect assets and maintain healthcare powers of attorney to protect the assets it has taken a lifetime to create. We regularly work with individuals, couples, and families to ensure the financial security of individuals in nursing homes.

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Florida Estate Administration and Probate Lawyer

Estate administration involves more than distribution of assets to the beneficiaries. At the Lins Law Group, P.A., we have extensive experience working with families and estate administrators in registering a will, gaining court approval for the administration of the estate, and closing out the estate. In addition, our probate lawyer is prepared to handle will contests and family and institutional challenges to the administration of an estate.

There are two primary types of estate administration, summary administration for estates valued at less than $75,000 and formal estate administration for estates valued at over $75,000. Summary estate administration typically takes between thirty and forty-five days to resolve from the date of filing. The formal estate administration process timeline is much more difficult to predict. Our estate planning lawyer has assisted in the formal administration of estates with significant real estate holdings, family owned and closely held businesses, and extensive stock portfolios. We also handle probate administration of estates where no will exists.

Regardless of the complexity of the estate or trust, we are committed to guiding administrators, trustees, families, and beneficiaries through the estate administration and trust administration process. We recognize that the administration of estates and trusts is a complex and emotional process for most families and we are committed to helping ensure the process moves forward smoothly.

Probate Litigation

In addition to handling estate administration and trust administration, we help clients deal estate disputes and trusts disputes, will contests, and objections to the administration of an estate or trust. Often wills or trusts are contested as a result of late changes that exclude or limit the inheritance of a family member. Will and trust contests are typically related to claims of lack of capacity of the benefactor and undue influence involved in the drafting of a will. Many times beneficiaries feel left out of the administration process because the person handling the estate or trust administration is not fulfilling their obligations. Having legal representation can help protect a beneficiary's rights.

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For more information, read our Probate and Trust Administration FAQs.

For more information, read our Probate and Trust Administration FAQs.