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When a person dies in Florida, his or her life's assets do not necessarily have to go through the probate process. If your assets are simple — you didn't own a car or real estate, and you did not have money in the stock market or a bank account — family members may be able to simply split things up. However, professional analysis is usually necessary.

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But most people do have complicated assets, and therefore must pass through probate. In this situation, an estate administrator — called a personal representative here in Florida — someone to oversee the probation process, is necessary.

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A personal representative or executor (executrix if it's a woman) may have been designated by the decedent but they still must be be appointed by the court. Their task is a big one, requiring both competence and attention to detail and high ethical standards. The personal representative collects and preserves the assets, pays outstanding debts and taxes, and eventually distributes the assets, either according to a will or, when no will exists, according to state law. In the end, the administrator submits a final accounting to the court.

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Sometimes, family members or family friends are named estate administrators or personal representatives. This is good, provided they are trusted and have the skills to do the work. The personal representative must be represented by an attorney, and it is preferable to have an attorney who knows the probate process, who is fair, who is cost-sensitive, and in whom all sides have confidence.

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Lawyer D. Michael Lins of Lins Law Group, P.A., in Tampa, has been serving as estate administrator for more than 25 years. One reason for the firm's longevity is that families know they rely on him for impartiality and good sense in protecting and distributing assets. These families tell other families, and that is how we market our services.

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