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Is My Estate Taxable at My Death?

As an estate planning attorney, I often have clients ask wheter their estate will be subject to taxation at the time of death. Answering this question is something that invlvoves numerous considerations and therefore a person should seek specific legal and financial advice based on their circumstances. However, there are some basic principles of which you should be aware that will help on this subject.

In Estate Planning, what does it mean if a gift or devise lapses?

In estate planning, a common phrase used in a Last Will & Testament or a Living Trust is that a gift or devise will "lapse." So what does this mean? In the estate planning context, when a gift lapses, it ceases or is extinguished. The lapsing of the gift is usually tied to some event such as the death of the beneficiary. 

What is a Letter of Protection in an Injury Case?

In personal injury law, a medical provider will often ask for a "Letter of Protection" from the attorney representing the injured person. So what is the attorney giving when they issue a "Letter of Protection" (also sometimes called an "LOP")?

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