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Some assets in a divorce are easy to divide, such as your savings accounts. Other assets, such as businesses and real property, require detailed analysis to understand whose assets they are, how they are to be valued and divided, and if they are to be divided at all.

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At Lins Law Group, P.A., we follow these steps:

  • Identification. Property that is marital in nature is separated from property that belongs to the parties individually. Typically, inheritances, gifts and property owned prior to the marriage are excluded. We also conduct extensive searches to ensure that no significant assets have been hidden or unlawfully depleted.
  • Valuation. Many items, including stock options and collectibles, are difficult to value. Lins Law Group has long experience in this process. When appropriate, we work with financial specialists, such as forensic accountants, professional appraisers, and business valuation experts.
  • Division. Everything in the marital estate must then be divided fairly, including employment benefits, retirement benefits, intellectual property and trusts. We divide liabilities as well as assets. Our firm is skilled in this intricate and often emotion-laden process.

Tampa Property Division Lawyer

Valuing and dividing businesses and real estate require special skill. If you divide a working business down the middle, you endanger profitability and employment for many. Likewise, you cannot cut a home or office building in half. Dividing real property so that you retain maximum value in a down economy requires skill and sensitivity.

If you face difficult property division issues, hire an attorney with the analytical skills and expert network to deliver greatest value to you. Call the Lins Law Group in Tampa to discuss your situation.

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