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Three Critical Practice Areas For Gulf Coast Families

For more than 25 years, Michael Lins of Lins Law Group, P.A., has been assisting Tampa Bay families through three of the most challenging legal problems families face anywhere:

Injury LawHelping families and individuals obtain compensation for unjust injuries
Estate LawHelping families plan for transition and enacting these plans after death
Family LawHelping families through the difficult transition to a new beginning

The track record of our firm is a testament to this tradition of service. Our firm has helped thousands of families to make it through these periods of transition, and to survive and thrive on the other side.

Resolving Personal Injury Claims For People In The Tampa Bay Area: Car Accidents · Slip And Falls · Catastrophic Injuries

Lins Law Group, P.A., seeks compensation for persons injured or killed when another party has been negligent. This includes not only serious motor vehicle accidents, but also premise liability accidents, product liability claims, animal bites, and construction site accidents. Wrongful death suits seek to compensate families when loved ones are wrongfully taken from them.

Other Legal Issues: Family Law And Estate Planning

In the family law area, we handle every kind of divorce, including those with complex property division issues. We have helped families uncover and valuate businesses, extensive investments, art collections and other complicating factors.

A particular interest at Lins Law Group, P.A., is the struggle faced by military families. Attorney Michael Lins is knowledgeable and experienced in the complicated issues of military pay and benefits.

Florida Estate Planning & Probate Unveiled - D. Michael Lins Attorney-at-law
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Estate planning is the process of directing where your life assets will go after you die. It includes wills and trusts, legal documents and other aspects of elder law. Probate administration is the process that comes after death, as debts are paid and assets make their way into loved ones' hands. Our firm is involved in every aspect of both phases, including litigation when disputes arise.

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