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Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected In Probate And Trust Matters

Probate and trust matters are two of the most powerful — and potentially life-changing — procedures under Florida law. In probate, you’re dealing with administering and distributing a decedent’s assets. With a trust, you can dictate how you want your life assets transferred. In both situations, you’re greatly impacting the future — and financial well-being — of your loved ones, beneficiaries and heirs.

At Lins Law Group, P.A., we recognize that probate and trust matters are complex and emotional processes for most individuals and families — and we are committed to helping ensure that both process moves forward smoothly for you and your loved ones. Regardless of the complexity of your estate or trust, our attorneys are committed to guiding administrators, trustees, families and beneficiaries through the probate and trust administration process with intelligence and confidence.

You Deserve 30-Plus Years Of Probate And Trust Experience On Your Side

Since 1984, Lins Law Group, P.A., has been helping individuals and families in Tampa (and across the United States) with complex probate and trust matters. Our lawyers understand that these matters can significantly impact your future and the well-being of your family — that’s why we dedicate a substantial portion of our law practice to guiding individuals through these significant, potentially life-altering situations.

Whether you and your family live in Florida, or a loved one passed away in Florida, we can help you with a variety of sensitive matters, including:

  • Probate administration:
    • Determining the status of the homestead
    • Preparing and filing probate court forms
    • Representing the estate in probate court proceedings
    • Transferring assets
    • Reviewing estate and gift tax returns
    • Reviewing estate income tax and trust income tax returns
  • Trust administration:
    • Special needs trusts
    • Revocable and irrevocable living trusts
    • Charitable trusts
    • Grantor trusts
    • Minor trusts
    • Testamentary trusts

Probate Litigation When There’s A Dispute, There’s Litigation

In addition to handling probate and trust administration matters, we help clients with probate and trust litigation disputes, including will contests and objections to the administration of an estate or trust. Often wills or trusts are contested as a result of late changes that exclude or limit the inheritance of a family member. Will and trust contests are typically related to claims of lack of capacity of the benefactor and undue influence involved in the drafting of a will.

Many times beneficiaries feel left out of the administration process because the person handling the estate or trust administration is not fulfilling their obligations. Having legal representation can help protect a beneficiary’s rights.

Let us help you protect your legal rights — and your future well-being — in probate and trust administration, and litigation matters. Contact us online or call 813-280-0082 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Probate And Trust Administration

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