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Providing A Full Range Of Business Law Services, From Startup To Succession

Whether you are just starting a business in Florida or have an established business, retaining trustworthy and knowledgeable legal counsel is just as important as having a solid business plan. Everything you, your business and your employees do could potentially expose you to legal liability challenges — and it’s vital to protect what you’re working so hard to create.

At Lins Law Group, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, we are established lawyers who are both professional and compassionate. We don’t believe in an ultra-aggressive approach. Simply letting our knowledge and depth of experience shine through has, in our experience, been much more effective. We are adept at making complex business law topics understandable to business owners and can help you achieve success through diligent preparation, planning and proactive intent.

Handling Key Business Legal Issues

Our business law attorneys can help you with a wide variety of key business issues that are relevant to startups as well as established small and midsized businesses. These include:

  • Business formation — Before a business even opens its doors, many legal issues need to be addressed. We can walk you through theses issues with grace and ease.
  • Business buying — If you are interested in buying a business, you will invariably face a variety of intricate legal issues. We can help you successfully navigate the complexities of buying a business.
  • Business contracts — Signing on the dotted line happens all the time in business. We can help you make sure your contracts are fair, lawful and enforceable.
  • Business litigation — When business disputes end up in court, you need strong legal support to lean on. We can navigate you through the litigation process, whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant.
  • Business succession — As businesses go through various stages and life cycles, business succession planning becomes increasing important. We can help you plan for such an inevitability with confidence.

When you have a complicated business matter that requires legal attention, we have the experience and tenacity to help. We’ve been serving clients in the Tampa area for more than 30 years, and we’d be honored to provide you with the same level of service that those clients have come to know and appreciate.

Starting On The Right Foot — And Staying The Course

As a business owner, you will undoubtedly face challenges. Whether you own, or want to start, a limited liability company (LLC), corporation or some other form of business, the decisions you make now may have ramifications that determine the lasting viability of your company. From understanding zoning laws and insurance requirements, to taking a stance on intellectual property protection, it’s critical to make choices with a firm understanding of their long-term legal implications.

For more information on how we can help you with your business — of any type or size — contact us today at 813-280-0082 for a free initial consultation. We work hard to make life for you — and your business — better.

Business Law

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