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Build Your Florida Business On A Solid Legal Foundation

For many Floridians, forming a business is the essential key to upward mobility. Unfortunately, the process of starting your own business isn’t something that’s intuitive, and the legal aspects can trip up the most diligent entrepreneurs.

With more than three decades of experience, Lins Law Group, P.A., works to help Tampa startups achieve their dreams of starting a business. We understand it’s essential for new businesses to hit the ground running — and our business law attorneys have the in-depth legal knowledge required to put you in an optimal starting position.

The Realities Of Business Formation

When organizing and starting a business, one of the first steps is to decide whether to form a corporation or an LLC. Both forms of business ownership have advantages, especially in protecting the owners from personal liability in the event of lawsuits. Our experienced business lawyers can assist you with:

  • Determining whether a corporation, LLC or some other form of business is best for your particular situation
  • Preparing the initial documents to form the business entity
  • Filing the necessary documents with the applicable public agencies
  • Overseeing the initial company organizational meetings
  • Setting up the initial corporate or LLC book
  • Issuing stock or membership certificates

At Lins Law Group, P.A., our attorneys are committed to the business of defending your new business. We do far more than just equip you with the tools you need to operate legally: Our staff helps you run the most profitable enterprise for your consumers, employees and partners.

Doesn’t Your Startup Deserve A Chance To Flourish?

The legalities of forming a Florida business are different in each situation. Although certain responsibilities fall upon every entrepreneur, the manner in which you handle them will vary to match your circumstances. In addition to checking off every item on your business formation to-do list, you must ensure that you have legal recourses in the event things go awry.

You can depend on the attorneys at the Lins Law Group, P.A., to help you plan, prepare and act with purposeful intent. We believe that your Tampa, Florida, company is worthy of the opportunity to succeed. Let us give you the legal framework you need to take control of your future. Reach out to us at 813-280-0082, or feel free to contact us online.

Business Law

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