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Tampa Child Support Enforcement Attorney

What do you do when your ex-spouse simply ignores court orders to pay child support? A powerful option is to file an enforcement action that will force your ex to obey the court order.

Enforcement orders add muscle to the authority of the original orders. Persons ignoring such orders can quickly find themselves behind bars and facing fines, and their assets garnished for the money owed.

Tampa Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

In the Tampa area, Lins Law Group, P.A., is a leader in child support enforcement, as well as enforcement of orders relating to spousal support and visitation. Attorney Michael Lins has been serving Tampa families for more than 25 years.

Enforcement for child support typically involves filing an action to declare the parent in arrears of contempt. Filing these actions is something that qualified family lawyers do. Michael Lins has helped many individuals to pursue these actions clearly and indisputably, so that an order of enforcement will follow.

Enforcement For Alimony And Other Orders

Child support payment failure is just one reason for seeking enforcement. Other reasons include:

  • Failure to pay alimony
  • Noncompliance with property division orders
  • Repeated violations of the parenting schedule
  • Interference with visitation and timesharing
  • Violation of protective orders

Hillsborough County Support Payment Lawyer

Lins Law Group represents both sides in enforcement disputes. We assist parents seeking support with good reason, and we also represent parents who have legitimate reasons for not paying the agreed-upon amount. There are generally two sides of a story, and we respect the dignity of both sides.