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Tampa Military Divorce Attorney

Though military divorce is handled in ordinary state civil courts, military divorce can differ sharply from civilian divorces. They differ in several key areas:

Military divorces go through stages, from temporary to permanent.

Property division is different for members of the military. Military retirement and benefit plans often have to be divided, and most divorce lawyers have no idea how the military system works. At Lins Law Group, P.A., we examine Leave and Earnings statements to determine the effects on property division, spousal support and child support.

Physical location can be a major logistical issue. Many of our clients at Lins Law Group are not in Tampa at all, but are deployed overseas. Being on active duty can slow the process down. Reassignments can be frequent and even secret, so we must be flexible and adapt, and rely on email and telephone for communication.

Clearwater Military Child Support Lawyer

Custody of the children can be problematic in military divorce. Parents who serve must often relocate or be deployed globally. These relocations affect parenting plans and timesharing rights.

Finally the need for discretion is worth noting. Men and women in the armed services do not need details of their divorces to harm their careers. At Lins Law Group, we strive to keep sensitive information where it belongs, with the two parties.

Protecting The Military Spouse And Family

Military divorce requires a special kind of attorney, one who knows the special rules applying to service members and their families, and who can step nimbly between federal and state requirements.

Lins Law Group is second to none in its respect and appreciation for military families and the sacrifices they have made for the rest of us. Be assured that we will give your case our full attention, as we guide you through this difficult transition.