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Tampa Modification Attorney

Things change, and the orders handed down at the time of your divorce eventually seem irrelevant to the life you live. People get better jobs, or they lose their jobs, or your children’s needs change as they grow older.

When changes make your court orders seem illogical, it is time to modify the orders. Lins Law Group has been successfully entering modifications for many years, allowing families to live their lives without violating the terms of the divorce, or custody, or child support.

Hillsborough County Custody Modification Lawyer

These are the most common kinds of modifications we secure:

  • Modification of your child support order based on a job layoff, or increase in income
  • Reduction in spousal support obligation because of a major change of financial situation, either yours or your ex-spouse’s
  • Change in child custody or visitation because of your child’s needs , or because the other parent is unfit, or unsafe to be with
  • Change in child custody or visitation because the custodial parent wishes to move or relocate

Altering The Terms Of Your Divorce Decree

Modifying your divorce agreement or decree is not something you want to do on your own, or are legally allowed to do. Too many ex-spouses make decisions on their own, only to find that the court expects them to adhere to the original decree. That’s why it’s important to make the change legally, establishing your intentions and your explanation with the court.

At Lins Law Group, P.A., we meet, we listen and then take assertive steps to resolve your divorce decree, custody and support order issues. Attorney Michael Lins understands that the needs of the children come first. He is committed to helping you make the changes that are in their best interests.