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Tampa Child Relocation Lawyer

Just because you have been given legal custody of your child does not mean you are free to move with your child to a distant location. Florida has been operating under a new set of parental relocation laws for the last few years, and this kind of capricious action is no longer allowed.

The thrust of the new law is that both parents’ rights are to be respected. But the law is complex, and the guidance of a caring and experienced family lawyer improves your chances for a successful outcome.

Parent Relocation Attorney Serving Brandon And Tampa

A parent wishing modify a parenting plan so as to allow them move must obtain permission from either the other parent or from the court. The parent wishing to move must serve a Notice of Intent to Relocate, explaining where you are going, including address and phone number, an explanation of your reasons for moving, and a plan allowing the other parent to enjoy his or her rights to see the child, have the child visit, and how to share time with that parent.

Moving Children Without An Agreement Is Forbidden

A parent can file an objection to the move or to any part of the plan, during the next 30 days. The two parents can either agree to an altered plan during this 30-day period, or they can ask for a hearing in which the issue will be resolved.

Experienced Tampa Child Relocation Attorney

Everyone’s interests are best served when parenting and timesharing plans are established with the help of an experienced family lawyer like Michael Lins of Lins Law Group, P.A. Relocation is a change that is likely to provoke great anxiety on both sides. A skilled attorney with a gentle touch can ensure that the plans are drawn up right, that your voice is properly heard during hearings, and that you are buffered throughout this jarring process by a trusted intermediary.

Custodial parents planning to move away? Hire Tampa child relocation attorney Michael Lins at Lins Law Group at 813-280-0082, or write us using this online form.