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Tampa Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a sure sign that something very wrong is happening in a home. It can occur between any members of a household, but very often it occurs between married people. When marriages are in trouble they become power struggles that can erupt without warning and bring law enforcement to your door. When that happens with someone, it is a problem that we at the family law firm Lins Law Group, P.A., in Tampa take extremely seriously.

Representing Victims Of Domestic Violence

If you have been the target of threats, harassment, or assault by a family member, we can help you to be safe again. Lawyer Michael Lins can help you obtain a temporary injunction or restraining order that will keep your attacker from even coming near you, from calling you on the phone, or even emailing you.

A victim of domestic violence must show that they fear imminent harm from the other person. Stalking, harassment, threats, and physical violence are all acts covered by Florida’s Domestic Violence Statute.

Representing Those Accused Of Domestic Violence

Two unjust things can result in an accusation of domestic violence. One is that police arrive determined to take someone away in cuffs. The other is that people sometimes make false accusations, out of anger or spite or to obtain an advantage in divorce proceedings — often to ensure that they be awarded custody of their child.

Tampa Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have had a temporary restraining order or injunction entered against you, you can come back to court within 15 days to describe your side of what happened, before the court issues a permanent injunction. It is important to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney like Michael Lins before this occurs.

Brandon Protection Order Attorney

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or have been victimized by a false accusation of domestic violence, we want to hear from you.