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Helping Business Owners Plan For Succession

Owning a business can be hard work — and often the thought of retiring or stepping away from the business is the last thing on one’s mind. Nonetheless, ownership and management changes are bound to occur in a business, and when that time comes it’s wise to have a plan in place for who will take over the business.

For more than three decades, the lawyers of Lins Law Group, P.A., have helped Floridians plan and prepare for the future. Nowhere is this more important than in business — identifying and developing new leaders who can carry on the business is paramount. Our business law attorneys offer proactive, bespoke attention that lets business leaders anticipate how they can protect their firms, employees and assets through changing circumstances.

What Goes Into Succession Planning?

When owners share stake in their enterprises with other partners, it’s vital that they protect the organizations they’ve labored over. From contracts to charters, business succession safeguards take many forms, and they can help solve numerous challenges, including when:

  • An owner wants “out” or has a prospective buyer for his or her interest
  • An owner becomes incapacitated and can no longer work in the business
  • An owner is facing a divorce where the spouse may make a claim to the business
  • An owner is being discharged from employment for cause
  • An owner dies

At Lins Law Group, P.A., our team of dedicated business law attorneys is here to ensure that such situations don’t have adverse impacts on your company’s ability to function. From retirements and exit plans, to terminations and untimely deaths, we can prepare buy-sell agreements and other business tools that help Tampa’s most prominent companies handle change gracefully.

The Value Of Experienced Business Succession Advisement

One of the most challenging aspects of business succession planning is that it may require you to act well in advance of the events you’re attempting to mitigate. For instance, you may not retire for many years, and if a partner dies unexpectedly, it could catch you off guard. It’s important that your lawyer understands how to think ahead in anticipation of potential problems.

We at Lins Law Group, P.A., use our vast knowledge of diverse legal domains to give companies better odds of success when facing change. Because our prowess expands far beyond the realm of business law, we’re able to help our clients keep their firms running regardless of what’s going on in their personal lives. Contact us today at 813-280-0082 to talk about planning for your organization’s future.

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