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Injured In A Construction Site Accident?

Large and heavy equipment such as cranes and forklifts on construction sites can many times lead to accidents. When these construction accidents cause serious injuries, workers are entitled to workers’ compensation. The process of obtaining benefits can be made easier with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Whether you were injured on the job in a construction site accident or you were an innocent bystander injured due to a construction accident, a lawyer can help you seek full and fair compensation. At Lins Law Group, P.A., we provide comprehensive personal injury and workers’ compensation counsel. In some cases an injured worker may be able to seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit. For example, through a third-party lawsuit. These are just some of the issues our attorneys can discuss with you at your first appointment.

Job Site Injury? Construction Accident Explosion? We Help Injured Victims.

With over two decades of experience helping individuals and families throughout the Tampa, Florida, area, our law firm provides catered and personalized injury counsel. Construction accident cases are commonly injured workers. As a worker, your employer should have a workers’ compensation carrier. We will represent your best interests and seek full and fair benefits on your behalf.

If a personal injury lawsuit applies to the facts of your construction site accident, we can seek damages against a third-party nonemployer. This could be a subcontractor or an inspection company that failed to notify your employer about an unsafe working condition.

Construction accident-related injuries can be very serious. Many times they are catastrophic and involve head trauma, brain injuries, broken bones, severed limbs and spinal cord/back injuries such as paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia. We will make sure you get the medical care that you need and seek damages that will help you not only recover but with future care costs.

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