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The Physical And Emotional Trauma Of Dog And Other Animal Bites Is Devastating. Let Our Attorneys Help You.

One minute your child is playing outside. The next minute, you are rushing your child to the emergency room due to a serious dog attack. If this sounds like the horrific nightmare you or your loved one has gone through, seek personal injury counsel.

Dog bites and other animal bites are not just physically damaging but also emotionally traumatic. Our law firm will help you get the full and fair compensation that you deserve. From seeking damages for the initial medical expenses to ongoing surgeries, reconstructive operations and therapy, we can help. Call one of our experienced lawyers at 813-280-0082. Lins Law Group, P.A., is located in Tampa, Florida.

Serious Animal Attack And Dog Bite Injuries

In Florida, owner liability after a dog bite or other animal bite injury is under the theory of strict liability. That means you could have been in a public park or the owner’s property, and been attacked and the owner is liable. There are specific exceptions, for example if the owner can prove their animal was being attacked or provoked. However, these are extreme cases.

Where the battle can really happen is with the animal owner’s homeowner’s insurance carrier. They may refuse to cover some or all of your expenses. In addition, you may also need compensation for emotional trauma, as well as pain and suffering. This can all be sought by your attorney in a personal injury lawsuit.

Whether you were injured by a dog or another type of animal, our lawyers can help you. With over 25 years of experience, we are there for our clients every step of the way.

Discuss Your Injury Claim With One Of Our Experienced Attorneys

We represent clients throughout the Tampa, Florida, area. You can reach us by calling us today at 813-280-0082. You can also contact us online to schedule your appointment. You have been through a traumatic experience. Dog bite injuries are serious. Let us help you get the compensation that you deserve.