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Probate And Trust Litigation

Despite good intentions, disagreements occur in estate matters. Any party that feels it has been wronged can file a suit against another party. Suits can be filed by or directed toward anyone involved in the estate — beneficiaries named in the will, heirs, executors and trustees.

Charges Of Undue Influence, Breach Of Duty And Fraud

Suits may claim that wills and codicils are invalid, that undue influence of the decedent is evident, that the estate was mismanaged, that a breach of fiduciary duty occurred, and many other charges and areas of dispute.

Often occurring when there is a power vacuum in a family, probate litigation can be very intense, with assets of great value in the balance. Feelings run high, and long-standing resentments surface. When this happens, you want a lawyer that has been involved in estate disputes before, and that has the skills, the composure and the legal knowledge to deliver a positive outcome.

Experienced Will Contest Attorney

At Lins Law Group, P.A., of Tampa, Michael Lins has taken part in scores of disputes and seen them through to a satisfactory conclusion. Our firm offers successful experience in Florida estate and probate law. Michael Lins has been solving estate problems for more than 30 years. Our entire staff is dedicated to your support.

Families know that when they turn to Lins Law Group, P.A., they will get our legal knowledge, our powers of persuasion, and very best effort every time. Our firm has grown over the years precisely because one family tells another about our services.

We invite you to call about your probate administration needs. We will make you feel right at home.

When probate litigation can’t be avoided, call Tampa probate litigation attorney Michael Lins at Lins Law Group, P.A., at 813-280-0082, or write us using this online form.

Probate And Trust Administration

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