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Remember to watch out for trip-and-fall hazards on Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Like most Florida children, your kids likely want to get out and about for Halloween. You may somewhat dread the holiday because it can be hectic to get the kids the costumes they want, actually get them into the costumes when the day comes, and keep them from fighting over candy or other issues as you take them house to house for treats.

Of course, as stressful as you might find Halloween, you may still look forward to seeing the joy on your children’s faces as the excitement for the holiday builds. Though you may worry about the amount of candy they will eat and the stomach aches that could follow, you also need to think about other hazards of going onto other people’s property, such as dangerous conditions.

What hazards are out there?

Unfortunately, you cannot predict what type of hazards could lurk on another person’s property. Certainly, if you see issues from a distance, you know not to risk your or your children’s safety by allowing them to walk onto a rickety porch or an unlit area. However, some trip and slip hazards may be less obvious and hide in plain sight, such as:

  • Water hoses
  • Extension cords for outdoor Halloween decorations
  • Some decorations themselves
  • Toys left in the yard
  • Unrestrained pets
  • Obstructed walkways or steps

These and a number of other hazards could also pose serious safety hazards. Of course, you may not recognize a hazard before it is too late, and you or your child could trip or slip and fall on another person’s property due to dangerous conditions. Though some people may not consider tripping or slipping a significant accident, serious injuries could result from such an event.

What if you or your child suffers injuries?

If dangerous conditions do lead to injuries for you or your child, it is important to get medical attention immediately. Though no one wants to have Halloween night spoiled by getting hurt, especially a child, it can happen, and some injuries may be more serious than they immediately appear.

If serious injuries do occur, you may have reason to take legal action against the owner of the property where the accident occurred. Looking into filing a premises liability claim in efforts to seek compensation for damages allowable under state law may help you determine whether taking such action could suit your circumstances.


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