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Staying safe when driving in bright sunlight 

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Compared to other states, Florida’s climate is fairly warm. This means a lot of sunshine, which attracts a lot of visitors to the area and generally encourages residents to get out and about.

While the sun’s rays are pleasing to most people, they do present some dangers. Bright sunshine can impair a person’s visibility, which is especially dangerous when on the roads. 

Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to protect yourself when driving in bright sunlight. Consider some of the following points before embarking on your next journey. 

Is your trip essential?

There are certain times of day when the sun is brighter, generally during the early period of the afternoon. Does your journey have to coincide with this time of day? If possible, it might be better to postpone your trip until later in the day, when the sun is closer to setting. Of course, in many situations, waiting hours to set off is just not feasible, but there are safety measures you can take when out on the road. 

Take your sunglasses

One of the most obvious ways to counter the sun’s rays is to invest in a pair of sunglasses. Generally, it is worth spending a little more on something that offers UV protection as well as dulling the bright rays. Glasses will not fully combat the brightness but they will reduce it to a point that you are able to remain safe while driving. 

No matter what you do, bright sunlight will impact your ability to see clearly. Visibility is one of the most important factors in driver safety and without it, a collision is more likely. If you have been harmed in a road traffic collision, there are a number of legal options open to you to help you recover your losses.


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