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Defective stairways can ruin your day

After a hard week of work in Tampa, Florida, maybe you like to go out at the weekends to visit your favorite stores and restaurants? Or, perhaps your daily activities involve visiting numerous places to carry out different errands. In any case, the last thing you want...

How to tell if a dog bite is infected

Any dog bite can be problematic and require serious medical care. Bites can even be fatal in some cases, especially when they occur to the neck or head area, and anyone with severe injuries needs to seek medical attention right away. That said, some bites appear not...

Are interstates more dangerous?

For many first-time drivers, the interstate feels like the most dangerous and chaotic place to drive. From the very moment that they descend the on-ramp and try to merge into traffic, they feel like they're about to get in a car accident.  But is this actually true?...

Why you shouldn’t drive while tired

According to those who have studied the issue, driving on a Florida highway while tired can be just as dangerous as doing so while drunk. Studies have shown that operating a motor vehicle after staying awake for 24 straight hours is similar to driving with a...


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