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Month: April 2020

What is a Pretermitted Spouse?

Often when married couples have their estate documents prepared, they will provide for each other. A husband’s Last Will and Testament (“Will”) may leave everything to his wife and vice versa. This sort of inheritance seems natural. But what happens if the couple had...

Dying without a will in Florida

Many families may find that making end-of-life plans can be a painful and challenging experience. It is vital, however, to not let grief cloud one’s judgment and skip out on end-of-life responsibilities. The reality is that all adult Floridians should have a will in...

What are the criteria for contesting a will?

The death of a loved one can bring up difficult emotions. For families reeling from the impact of a loved one’s death, the addition of a family dispute over the estate of the deceased can create family strife and irreparable damage. When you contest a will,...

Post-Divorce Estate Planning

For a married person, going through a divorce changes many aspects of his or her life. Often the person must look for a new place to live. He or she may have to change their bank and other financial accounts. Addresses for bills and other important mailings will need...


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