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What assets cannot be included in a Florida trust?

Trusts are important estate planning resources, as they can allow you to specify how your assets are managed and distributed, providing control over your wealth even after death. As such you should have a solid understanding of how trusts are created in order to make...

Why should you have a trust with special wording?

People often misunderstand that a will and a trust are not the same thing. While they both help dictate how assets are distributed after someone passes away, trusts often have more benefits. Trusts are able to circumvent probate, estate taxes and will disputes. People...

The pros and cons of education trusts

Does your child wish to attend a trade school or university? If so, you want to make their dream come true, but you’re overwhelmed by how expensive post-secondary education is. After all, the average cost of college tuition is $21,035 per year for public universities...

Six Essential Estate Planning Documents You Should Have

In most Florida estate plans, there are six essential documents which you should have in place. These include the following: Last Will and Testament. This document allows you to appoint a Personal Representative to oversee your probate estate and to designate your...


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