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Month: July 2020

Why and how to create an estate plan

People in Florida should consider creating an estate plan even if they think they are too young for one. Without an estate plan, a court may make a decision about how a person's assets will be distributed along with who will care for their children. A court may also...

How to choose executors and trustees

People in Florida who are creating estate plans might wonder who they should appoint for certain roles in a plan, including the executor and trustee if needed. Executors and trustees do not need to be experts in legal issues or finance, but they should have a good...

What is product liability law?

Each year, individuals in Florida and across the United States become injured by dangerous or defective products. Product liability law refers to a set of legal rules that determine who is responsible for creating a dangerous or defective product so the injured party...

Contesting a will in probate court

When a person dies without a will in Florida, that person’s assets will be passed to the person’s spouse and/or family members in accordance with Florida law. When someone does have a will, that will must be filed in probate court before any assets are distributed,...

The purpose of probate and how to avoid it

Assets that are left in a Florida resident's estate after he or she passes may be subject to probate. The goal of a probate proceeding is to validate a will or answer questions as to who has the strongest claim to receive some or all of a deceased person's estate. If...

The High Costs of Procrastination

Let’s face it, doing one’s estate planning isn’t something most people are excited about doing. It’s often easier to put it off and leave it for another day. Most people we talk to about their estate planning admit that it has been something about which they have...


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