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Month: March 2020

Now is the time to get a Will

With the onset of the Corona virus, we are having more and more people contact our firm saying “I need to get a Will.” When facing a health threat, whether personal or widespread like this virus, getting our affairs in order is important. In order to get your Last...

3 ways to leave stocks to your heirs

An effective way of transferring wealth to family members through an estate plan is by leaving those family members stocks. Though restricted shares and stock options might be severely limited when it comes to transferability, you can award an heir with most stocks....

Duties of a Trustee After Death of the Grantor

A Trustee is a fiduciary who is held to a high standard when it comes to administering a Trust. In particular, a Trustee has a duty to act in good faith and in accordance with the terms and purposes of the Trust and of the interests of the beneficiaries. A Trustee...


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