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Verbal Intentions Do Not Count in Estate Planning

In our estate planning practice, we regularly have new or prospective clients who will meet with us, give us their information, and ask that we prepare estate planning documents for them. We then will prepare draft documents to send them for review. Once the documents...

Lifetime Gifts: Do They Satisfy Gifts Made in a Will?

When an asset devised in a Last Will and Testament has been gifted to the beneficiary during the decedent’s lifetime, an ademption by satisfaction may occur. The concept of ademption by satisfaction is that a lifetime gift to a beneficiary may satisfy a gift to that...

Misuse of a Durable Power of Attorney

In Florida, a commonly used estate planning instrument is known as a “Durable Power of Attorney” (“DPOA”). This instrument is executed by a person whereby he or she appoints an agent to act on their behalf on personal, business, and financial matters. The DPOA is...

Probate litigation and family businesses

With every will, there is a possibility that the heirs may disagree with the allocation. When assets are significant or livelihoods at stake, such as with shares or control of a family business, the likelihood of probate litigation grows. Under normal circumstances, a...


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