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Month: August 2021

Why you shouldn’t drive while tired

According to those who have studied the issue, driving on a Florida highway while tired can be just as dangerous as doing so while drunk. Studies have shown that operating a motor vehicle after staying awake for 24 straight hours is similar to driving with a...

How to make changes to your will

If you did your estate planning several years (or decades) ago, you should take a look at it. There may be things in there that need to be changed. For example, your ex-spouse might still be listed as an heir in your will or beneficiary to your trust, while your...

The types of Florida guardianships

Families in Florida may face difficult circumstances when a beloved parent or other close elderly loved one begins to show signs of dementia or other forms of cognitive decline. Especially if this person is single or lives alone, they may face increasing medical and...

Preparing for incapacity

Proper estate planning is a must for Florida families. The worst-case scenario is that a family member becomes incapacitated, without the legal structure in place for their family to make decisions and handle their affairs. Then, the family may end up struggling to...


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