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Liability for dog bites that occur on private property

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Dogs can be great household pets, but not all dogs are given the love and care that they need to be safe companions. Throughout Florida, individuals of all ages suffer injuries when they are attacked by dangerous and violent dogs. Often, the location of a dog attack is an important fact in a personal injury dog bite claim.

This post is not offered as legal advice and all dog bite victims should seek their own legal guidance from personal injury attorneys. The information contained herein is provided as an introduction to a complex area of personal injury law.

Liability when dog bites occur

A dog bite can inflict serious injuries on a victim, from lacerations and bruising to disfigurement, broken bones, and even death. When a victim suffers harm due to a dog attack, they may incur medical bills and other losses to recuperate from their ordeal. Those losses may be compensable as damages in a civil lawsuit.

Dog owners in Florida are generally liable for the injuries that their dogs inflict on others. The dangerous or vicious propensities of a dog do not necessarily matter; any dog that bites another person may cause their owner to face civil sanctions for the harm the animal inflicts.

How location can change a dog bite case

The above-mentioned rule on liability applies when a dog attacks a victim in a public place. It also applies when a dog attacks a victim on private property and when the victim had permission to be on that property. However, when a dog bite victim trespassed or otherwise did not have permission to be on the private property where the dog bite occurred, they may not have the right to sue for the recovery of their losses.

Dog bite victims should seek independent advice to prepare themselves for the legal process of litigation. They should remember that the facts of their own cases will influence how their claims play out in court. Personal injury attorneys can help them make good decisions about how best to protect their rights.



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