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How to tell if a dog bite is infected

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Any dog bite can be problematic and require serious medical care. Bites can even be fatal in some cases, especially when they occur to the neck or head area, and anyone with severe injuries needs to seek medical attention right away.

That said, some bites appear not to be that bad right at the beginning and the real complications show up later. If the bite becomes infected, then it can become a life-threatening issue weeks or months after the incident, and people need to know when it is time to return to the hospital for further care.

Signs that may indicate infection

If you have suffered a bite and you see any of the following signs, you know that that bite may have become infected, even if you have tried to care for the wound properly:

  •     The area becomes swollen and red
  •     The bite is more painful than it was initially
  •     You have a fever, night sweats, or other such symptoms
  •     There is pus or other liquid coming from the wound
  •     You see red streaks moving away from the injured area
  •     You experience stiffness or mobility problems, if the bite is to one of your limbs

These are not all of the potential signs of an infection, but they do show you that things are getting worse instead of better, and that’s a major red flag. Make sure you know how to seek compensation to cover the costs of your continuing medical care, time that you’re missing from work and much more. It can help to work with an experienced team that has seen cases like this in the past.


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