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Amazon should do more to oversee product safety

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Florida residents may be able to receive financial compensation when they have been injured by a defective product. Companies that make or sell these products can be held liable because these companies have an obligation to their customers to sell safe products. This is why several House Democrats are urging Amazon to take stronger action to recall defective products.

Amazon’s products may be dangerous

In addition to acting as a marketplace for third-party sellers, Amazon also sells its own goods. However, there have been increasing numbers of reports that some of these products may be unsafe. For example, some AmazonBasics products have reportedly exploded and caught fire. Numerous product reviews left on the site have described dangerous malfunctions of these goods. Apparently, even graphic pictures of the defects have not been enough to persuade Amazon to act beyond taking down listings of some products.

Congress is getting involved

With this in mind, multiple House Democrats are calling for Amazon to do more. Two representatives have been characterizing Amazon’s oversight of its own products as “grossly inadequate.” These representatives want more information about how Amazon oversees its products. This is a concern because of the number of third-party products on the website that are seemingly sold with little supervision. For its part, Amazon claims that safety is a top priority at the company, and it has a rigorous process to screen for defective products.

If you have been injured by something that you bought, you may want to contact a product liability lawyer. Your lawyer may explain more about the process that you would need to follow before you could qualify for financial compensation. Product liability lawsuits require a detailed presentation about expert testimony and scientific evidence, so knowledgeable legal counsel is a must. This is especially true when you are taking on large companies.


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