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Why don’t people plan?

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Everyday we do things to protect ourselves, our family and loved ones, and our property.

Before going to bed at night, most people check their doors to make sure that they’re locked. Some of those people also set their security alarm. They do this to protect against their possessions being stolen and to protect the well-being of their family and of themselves in the event of an intruder. Knowing that the door is locked at night brings peace of mind that you’re safe.

When getting into their vehicle, most people fasten their seat belt. If their children or other loved ones are in the vehicle, they may also make sure that they “buckle up.” They do this to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of an auto accident. Knowing that you’re buckled up brings peace of mind in the event of an accident.

When getting ready to prepare a meal, it is common for the preparer to make sure that the cooking pans and utensils are clean and sanitized. This is done to make sure no one gets ill as a result of the meal. Knowing that you’re pans are clean brings peace of mind that you won’t give someone food poisoning or make them sick!

When having company over to visit, it is not uncommon before they arrive you pick up any toys, shoes, or other items which the kids (or in some cases, the pets!) might have left on the floor. In addition to doing this for cosmetic reasons, this is done so that company does not trip and fall because of what’s on the floor. Knowing that all is picked up and clear gives peace of mind about the safety of your company.

These are common, everyday examples of what we do to be prepared and to protect ourselves, our property, and our loved ones. We know that these actions make sense. So why don’t we take similar action when it comes to having our estate planning documents in place? Protecting our loved ones, our property, and ourselves obviously makes sense and means something to us. It certainly can give us peace of mind. And yet, many people avoid one of the most basic steps they can take in order to be prepared and protected.

It isn’t hard to have an attorney set up a Last Will and Testament (and possibly a Living Trust). The same is true for a Durable Power of Attorney, a Living Will, and a Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Doing so will bring protection to person and property…not to mention bring peace of mind!


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