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Beware of these property hazards this summer

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Personal Injury |

People across the U.S. are eager to return to a sense of normalcy and look forward to a fun summer after an especially tumultuous year. Families will be traveling to Florida for a vacation; stores will be opening up; residents will be getting together with neighbors and friends.

Unfortunately, an accident occurring on someone’s dangerous property could derail any plans you have.

Thus, it can be crucial to watch for these common hazards that can put visitors, neighbors and guests in danger.

  1. Slippery entryways: Rain, pool water and ocean water can make entryways very slippery. Thus, homeowners and business owners must take action to prevent slipping on wet floors. Measures like putting down carpets and setting up wet floor signs can reduce the likelihood of an accident. 
  2. Electrical hazards: During the summer months, it is not unusual for property owners to put up things like twinkle lights, TVs, speaker systems and other electrical features outside. Those who choose to do this must take care to ensure the electrical wiring is safe and secure. Failing to consider and protect against the risk of electrical hazards can ultimately result in catastrophic accidents and injuries.
  3. Unsafe pools: Pool owners have a responsibility to comply with safety regulations to prevent drowning accidents. Such rules can include having proper fencing, drain covers and alarm systems. Failure to have and maintain these features can make a pool owner negligent for any accidents.
  4. Insufficient security at hotels: Lodging facilities can prevent accidents and assaults in dangerous areas by having appropriate security measures in place. These can include surveillance cameras, good lighting and secured entrances. If there is a history of assaults nearby or a higher risk to guest safety for other reasons, lodging owners would be wise to install these security measures. 

Outdoor threats like these can be an issue any time of year in Florida. However, they could be more prevalent this summer as people start traveling, eating out and having get-togethers more frequently. Thus, being mindful of these potential hazards on other people’s property can help you stay safer and have a more enjoyable summer.


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