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Are pets a part of your family? Add them to your estate plan

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Have you ever thought about the kind of life you want for your pets when you’re no longer here to care for them? Perhaps surprisingly, most people do not. Those who do typically expect to give them to a friend or family member in their will.

Under the law, pets are considered property. This fact means you can give them to a beneficiary in your final will, along with some money to cover the long-term care of your pets. However, this does not mean the person receiving your animals will abide by your wishes.

What else can a will do for pets?

If you decide to address pet care in your will, be sure to speak with your potential caretaker candidates. Doing so allows you to select someone that shares your values and understands your wishes. Consider adding a letter of instruction to your will to share a few final thoughts about the lives of your pets going forward.

Is there another option?

Creating a trust is an efficient means of addressing the care of your animal family members after you die. One reason pet trusts work so well is that they can be as detailed as you like. For example, you can specify what to feed your pets, when to take them to the vet and how often they have outings.

If you love your animals just like your human relatives and friends, estate planning has much to offer your entire family. With a thorough plan in place, you can rest easy knowing those you care for the most remain protected.

To ensure your estate documents comply with Florida estate planning laws, consider seeking legal guidance when creating your plan.


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